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Plone SysAdmin

Nix, you'll be wondering why you haven't been using it before

Eric Idle Room

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Language: English
Level: Basic

Nix is a purely functional package manager. This means that it can ensure that an upgrade to one package cannot break others, that you can always roll back to previous version, that multiple versions of a package can coexist on the same system, and much more. Nix should run on most Unix systems, including Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OS X (also on Windows using Cygwin).

Enough of fancy words, why I care?

Why should Plone developer care about Nix?

  • You still compile your own nginx/varnish using zc.buildout? Seriously! Please stop this right now.
  • Boostraping Plone development should never ever fail. Anymore. Period!
  • Creating demo/stagging of current work should be only a click away.
  • You're a OSX user and best thing they've come up is Homerbrew? Its like they're inventing Gentoo on top of OSX. Please use binaries with Nix.


Why should Plone SysAdmin care about Nix?

  • You ever had to do an upgrade and you'd wish you could rollback to previous installation? (without doing some trickery magic yourself)
  • You ever want to seriously hurt developer for compiling nginx/varnish using zc.buildout?
  • It would be nice to test whole system not just and an application.


Why should Plone User care about Nix?

  • Want to give add-on a try? Shouldn't you just click and be done with it? And they tell you to re-run buildout, sounds like a bad joke to me.
  • You like magic, but only when it works. You've spend quite some time getting things to work
  • Best way to get Plone running on OSX is using vargant (which installs ubuntu and plone in it)? Maybe is just me, but there should be a better way.


Most of things mentioned above are due to the worst packaging story world had ever seen, I'm talking about python packaging here, and then tools that solved some problems, but caused many more.

I know changing opinions about you're favorite operating system is almost as trying to convert you to some other religion, but please have your hearts and minds open for Nix. It might just be best thing you've ever try!

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Rok GarbasRok Garbas
I do web stuff. Usually with Plone, but on the end is all just HTML.


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