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Plone Integrators

Plone: the open source CMS-as-a-service platform. An eGov case study

Eric Idle Room

Talk details

Language: English
Level: Intermediate

This talk is about the future of Plone. The Cloud is attractive - no worries about installation, maintenance, choosing plugins. SaaS allows instant functionality no matter where you are and PaaS lets you concentrate on code rather than operating systems, infrastructure, monitoring, security or scaling. Governments and enterprise are realising the cloud can now provide the tools to build sites and a new breed of service is emerging called CMS-as-a-service. Plone being multi-site for it's 13 year history makes it the perfect cloud platform. We'll show you how to make a simple Plone CMS-as-a-service platform in minutes. We'll show you how, collaboratively with our government clients, several recent high-profile government sites were built on our PretaGov CMS-as-a-service platform using secure isolated online editable code. The talk will cover tools such as Diazo, Plomino, collective.listingviews and collective.pfg.signup.


Speaker details

Dylan Jay
Dylan is CTO of PretaGov, innovative SaaS that delivers secure, supported government websites in UK and Australia. Dylan is also the Technical Director of PretaWeb, a core contributor to Plone and Zope, creator of several open source projects including funnelweb and hostout and he also finds time to run the monthly sydney python meetups.


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