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Plone Integrators

50 shades of Plone: the beginning

Eric Idle Room

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Language: English
Level: Basic

An integrator-driven, glamour-filled, pseudo-scientific search for the best 50 add-ons for Plone.

There are many, many add-ons for Plone. So which one to choose? Well, it all depends on who you ask.

So who do you ask? The people that use them, obviously!!

A motley crew of fearless integrators, developers and end users will be assessing a whole boatload of add-ons, and will present a top-50 of the best ones. The candidates will be subjected to objective criteria, testing, discussion, and ultimately the decision of our jury. The objective of this exercise is not only to give some clue as to what add-ons are the best to use in real life, but also to encourage add-on developers to adopt best practices and in general raise the level of quality in documentation, code quality, cooperation and usability.

You'll learn how you, as an integrator, can join in the fun. Add your experiences to the collected wisdom of the Plone community!

And, as an add-on developer, you'll gain insights in how you can get more users for your pet project. More users mean more bug-reports, but maybe also more people joining the development. So, don't be afraid, but embrace your users.

This fun-filled presentation will mark the start of the competition. We might call it "The Great Plonish Bake-Off", "Strictly come Plone-ing", or maybe "Plone's got talent". Come and find out...

Bitchy jury included!

Speaker details

Paul RoelandPaul Roeland
Trained as a physicist and geophysicist, Paul has worked over 15 years in the non-profit community promoting rational development and sustainability. He has been involved in a number of projects for such organization as Friends of the Earth International, and helped organize Open-Data and hacker camps. His interests lie in using technology for social progress, and conversely in applying lessons learned from the opensource movement to nonprofits and other social movements. He first started using Plone for a non-profit intranet when version 0.99beta3 was all the rage, and has really enjoyed the ride over the years. Paul is currently working for the Clean Clothes Campaign, developing intra- and extranets that use Plone as an enabling technology that allows labour- and human-rights activists to work together more efficiently, across geographical and cultural boundaries. He currently serves as president of the Board of Directors for the Plone Foundation.


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