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Plone Addons

Collective.cover one year later

Terry Gilliam Room

Talk details

Language: English
Level: Basic

The evolution of the collective.cover since last Ploneconf. From a promising idea to reality in portals worldwide. See who is using one of the most advanced front page editors in CMS world. Real cases, extensions and future.

About Collective.cover

The Collective.cover was born in a great effort from South American Plone community during Cafecito Sprint to enable the creation of complex and configurable frontpages, but easy to edit.Created using main Deco concepts, Collective.cover let you edit your frontpage just dragging and dropping content. Its also have a more complex edition for admin users, that can create different kinds of blocks just filling a form. Collective.cover also gives you a complex permission system and frontpage versioning.


Speaker details

André NogueiraAndré Nogueira
Co-founder of Simples Consultoria, a Brazilian consulting company specialized on content and knowledge management, is responsible for the creative work and managing projects. Expert in the use of CMS, design, usability, accessibility and web standards. Organizer and speaker for various events related to the Plone Content Management and Enterprise Portals.
Héctor VelardeHéctor Velarde
Héctor is an electronics engineer turned into improvised project manager, quality assurance promoter and community cheerleader. With over 7-years of experience with Python and Plone, he felt in love with the software and the community while upgrading the web site of a major Mexican newspaper. Héctor spent one year in rehab recovering from a frustrating experience with proprietary software growing lettuce and tomatoes in the middle of Mexico City. He currently works as OSS Curator at Simples Consultoria and wastes a lot of time tweeting about things that nobody cares.


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