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State of Plone

Dorneles Treméa Auditorium

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Language: English
Level: Basic

State of Plone

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Eric SteeleEric Steele
First introduced to Zope back in 2001, Eric quickly ran away and became a ColdFusion developer for the next 4 years. During that time, he built his own content management system, which still runs, largely unchanged, serving as a shining reminder of the stupidity of his youth. Eric began working with Plone in 2004, building online learning tools for students in Nigeria. He joined Penn State University's WebLion Group in 2005. There, he became an add-on developer, core contributor, and destroyer of cubicles. In 2009, he wasn't smart enough to say 'no' to an invitation to become Plone's new release manager, a decision he's both loved and regretted ever since. Eric oversaw the development of the Plone 4 series and is now working to push Plone 5 onto the masses. Eric has developed a deep obsession with the topic of generational change in Open Source projects and would write a doctoral dissertation on the topic if he weren't busy doing things that are actually fun. Eric currently works for AMP Sport where he's using Plone to help build better Olympians in the US and Australia. He can be found online at and on Twitter as @esteele. Though he may not look it, Eric is hug positive.
Paul RoelandPaul Roeland
Trained as a physicist and geophysicist, Paul has worked over 15 years in the non-profit community promoting rational development and sustainability. He has been involved in a number of projects for such organization as Friends of the Earth International, and helped organize Open-Data and hacker camps. His interests lie in using technology for social progress, and conversely in applying lessons learned from the opensource movement to nonprofits and other social movements. He first started using Plone for a non-profit intranet when version 0.99beta3 was all the rage, and has really enjoyed the ride over the years. Paul is currently working for the Clean Clothes Campaign, developing intra- and extranets that use Plone as an enabling technology that allows labour- and human-rights activists to work together more efficiently, across geographical and cultural boundaries. He currently serves as president of the Board of Directors for the Plone Foundation.


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